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Community Connection

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Corporate Social Responsibility & The Environment.

At Regent of Rotorua, corporate social responsibility and environmental stewardship are at the forefront of our ethos.  The heart of our Caring Luxury policy, is our dedication to nurturing our community, preserving the environment, and enhancing the well-being of all stakeholders.  From sustainable supply chains to empowering our team to make a positive impact, we strive to integrate these principles into every aspect of our operations.

Below are some of the programmes and initiatives we are involved in.  Join us in our commitment to creating a more caring and sustainable world.

Rotorua_Te Pa Tu

Our People | Manaatikanga

Rotorua_Hells Gate Geothermal Park

Our Environment | Kaitiakitanga

Hotel Weka Program 

Department of Conservation Track Clearing 

Trap Setting with Canopy Tours 

Lakefront rubbish cleanup 

Geothermal Energy for hotel water heating 

Refillable guest amenities 

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Many of our initiatives have evolved organically, stemming from longstanding partnerships with charitable organisations.  Others are fueled by our dedication to safeguarding the environment we cherish.  Our unwavering commitment to minimising our ecological footprint has inspired both management and employees to spearhead initiatives aimed at preserving New Zealand’s pristine beauty and upholding its status as 100% PURE. 

Gift Vouchers

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Seeking Sponsorship or Charitable Contributions?

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  • Guidelines

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    Brook Serene & Company Ltd evaluates sponsorship opportunities for events or organisations that align with our objectives to: 

    • Communicate our brand values 
    • Showcase one or all of our properties 
    • Foster community connections 
    • Make a positive social impact 
    • Increase exposure 
    • Create potential future revenue streams 
  • Criteria

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    We have established guidelines to assess the suitability of sponsorship or charitable donation requests.  Brook Serene evaluates requests that align with our objectives, which include: 

    • Demonstrating a worthy cause with a lasting positive social impact on the community 
    • Ensuring the target audience aligns with the intended demographic across various promotional channels 
    • Offering a package with significant value associated with it* 
    • Reserving the right to request a 50% reserve on face value 
    • Requiring Brook Serene’s (or specific hotels’) name or logo to be prominently displayed on event materials and marketing platforms 

    *Please note that we do not support spot prizes, silent auctions or raffles. 

    We prioritise organisations or causes that resonate with our team or support our locally-owned business.  Individual sponsorship requests are not supported. 

  • Submissions

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    • Specify the Hotel you are seeking support from 
    • Provide contact details, including phone and email 
    • Offer a detailed description of your group, charity, organisation, team, or event 
    • Specify the date and location of the event 
    • Describe the anticipated level of exposure, including the number of attendees/viewers and demographic reach (local, regional, or national) 
    • Outline the rights and benefits offered to the Hotel (e.g. media advertising, social media exposure, event tickets, signage) 

    Please note that while we receive numerous sponsorship and charitable requests, we can only accommodate a limited number.  All requests must be submitted in writing. 

    We do not accept requests for events within 7 days, except in exceptional circumstances.  Our team reviews requests regularly and will provide a written response within 21 days.

    Please be aware that we do not offer cash donations or sponsorships. 

  • Post Fundraising Evaluation

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    Please provide a post-fundraising evaluation of the sponsorship. This should include: 

    • Total amount raised by the auction 
    • Contribution made by our sponsorship 
    • Contact details of the voucher recipient 

    This information must be submitted to Brook Serene Hotel Management within 21 days. 

Truly a lovely place to stay if you’re in Rotorua. The rooms are spacious and clean, the view of the courtyard is very nice, the bathrooms are modern (finally, a shower with a ledge that doesn’t flood the whole bathroom!), and the service was beyond amazing. Everyone who works here is super friendly and accommodating – it feels like they’re all family the way they treat each other and their guests. It’s walking distance to a lot of the main attractions, and has a heated swimming pool and a hot mineral pool for all the guests to enjoy. We loved staying here!

– Nikkie – February 2024

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