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Tiaki Promise

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We encourage all our guests to embrace the principles of the Tiaki Promise, committing to act as guardians and actively contributing to the protection and preservation of our shared home. The guiding principles of the Tiaki Promise are;

♥ Care for land, sea and nature, treading lightly and leaving no trace
♥ Travel safely showing care and consideration for all
♥ Respect culture travelling with an open heart and mind

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Tread Lightly

At Regent of Rotorua, we’ve implemented various initiatives focused on waste reduction and product recycling, including leveraging geothermal energy from our own bore to heat the property and pool. Our commitment extends to minimizing our carbon footprint, adopting strategic procurement practices, and conserving water.

We collaborate with environmental groups and actively engage our employees through a volunteer scheme, fostering a collective dedication to sustainability.

Furthermore, any electricity sourced from the grid is from renewable energy sources.

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Care & Consideration

At Regent of Rotorua, we advocate for safe and mindful travel, urging guests to prioritise self-care and the well-being of others. We actively participate in community initiatives, collaborate with charity groups, and support cultural and arts organisations, enriching the vibrancy of our local community.

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Open Heart & Mind

At Regent of Rotorua, our core values include integrity, respect, profitability, innovation, and excellence. We maintain integrity by honouring our commitments and demonstrate respect by treating guests, suppliers, and partners with the same consideration we expect for ourselves.

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The Tiaki Promise is a commitment to care for New Zealand, both for the present and for future generations.

These principles are evident in our dedication to environmental causes, our caring luxury policy, and our core values of integrity and respect. We actively engage with various community groups, charities, and organizations.

By embracing the Tiaki Promise during your exploration of New Zealand, you are pledging to be a guardian, actively contributing to the protection and preservation of our home for the well-being of future generations.